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Tea Spot White Tea Taste Test

I love White Tea!

Well… not really.  I actually really love black tea, but because all of my posts start like this “I love…”, well… You get it.  Anyway, I’m trying to cut down on the caffeine in my life for a while and my main culprit is black tea.  I only drink 2-3 cups a day, but it’s almost the same amount as a cup of weak coffee soooo… it’s gotta go.

Enter white tea.  I have been a loyal customer of The Tea Spot for many years so I ordered samples of 5 of their traditional white teas that contain the least amount of caffeine.  Monkey-Picked White, Natural Glow, Candied Chestnut, Snowflakes, and Silver Needle.  I already own Meditative Mind and don’t love it (little too flowery for my taste, but it is good to mix with others for a lighter flavor).

I own, and have written here and here , about The Tea Spot’s wonderful steepware, so if you are curious where I got that beautiful blue mug and those awesome travel silicone loose leaf steepers, now you know!  Onto the tea…..

After steeping all 5, my husband and I broke down what we thought of each one and who we thought won the competition.  Keep in mind, he is a coffee drinker, and I am a black tea drinker, so drinking white tea was difficult for us both because we were looking for more full-bodied, flavorful drinks.  White tea just doesn’t offer either, which is fine, but difficult for us to assess compared to someone who loves white tea.  Also, I typically drink any tea with 1 packet of Stevia (Truvia), which is how I brewed each one of these.  Oh, and where did I get those cute little Bodum 1 cup French Press Coffee/Tea Makers???  Here of course!!!

Monkey-Picked white:  the most flavorful and smooth with zero after taste.

Natural Glow:  very smooth, but really no flavor.

Candied Chestnut:  sweetest of all the teas, but the sweetness tastes somewhat artificial.  I would defiantly not enjoy drinking this every day.  It may be something you could use to sweeten up other white teas, but otherwise….no.

Snowflakes:  this was the worst of the 5 (sorry Tea Spot).  It had a horrible after taste that I could only compare to eating grass.  I’ve never tasted anything quite like it… in a bad way.

Silver Needle:  all I can say is blah.  It was smooth, not much flavor, but really just blah.  It did have some kind of light, weird, after taste, but really…just blah.  Compared to the “no flavor” of Natural Glow, I would prefer Natural Glow, because it was so smooth with zero after taste, or really zero taste at all.

So who won???

We were between Monkey-Picked and Natural Glow, but clearly we prefer flavor and went with the Monkey-Picked.

This is a 100% organic white tea and is easily compared to any hot tea you would get when served at an Asian restaurant.  It’s the most flavorful, smooth, and zero after taste.  I will soon be ordering my bulk order to help me lessen the caffeine in my life.   Hope this review helped someone who also loves black tea, but is trying to switch to white tea.

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  1. Lucy (Carmel, IN) says:

    I’ve actually had all of these as well, but I’d go with Monkey picked by a nose. I like the Natural Glow tea, but I liked the Monkey-picked one more. Not sure about the name though as I thought it was gonna taste like bananas. Thankfully, it did not.

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