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Tall Urn Planter


Tall plastic urn planterI love this tall plastic urn planter!

I am fortunate to have a long porch on the front of my house, but have struggled with how to decorate the corner to the left of my front door.  I didn’t want to hassle with a live plant and I really wanted to be able to change the decorations for the seasons.  Driving around, I’ve noticed lots of houses with beautiful planters and started to investigate costs and decorative ideas.  I had no idea, one, how incredibly heavy they were, and, two, how incredibly expensive they are…Wow!

Enter this plastic urn planter.  It is light weight, won’t rust or ruin your porch, and best of all…inexpensive!  I do have an electrical outlet where I was planning to place the urn and wanted soft lighting on the porch.  I purchased these electric brown LED lighted branches.  There are three strung together and they offer the soft lighting I was looking for.

Because it’s Fall, I also purchased this 6ft artificial maple leaf garland and these artificial pumpkins.  The planter is wide and deep so I flipped a clay pot upside down to fill the space and give it some weight.  Thank goodness the box the planter came in had lots of brown paper because I used it as fill.  I wrapped the leaves around the branches and, using double sided tape, taped the pumpkins on the paper and…voila!  A beautiful Fall decoration in the corner of my empty porch.  I also purchased this outdoor timer with light sensor which has settings for dusk-to-dawn, 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours after dusk.  I actually bought two of them because I needed one for my Christmas porch lights too.

I’m more than happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to decorate it for other seasons.

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