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Solar Deck Lights

I love these solar deck lights!

deck lightsOur new house has a great deck that overlooks beautiful woods and I love listening to the birds sing while sitting out there. When we first moved in, I just imagined us sitting on the deck on a cool summer night… the pitch black!! I immediately purchased these solar deck lights and have greatly enjoyed them since. They were easy to install (I did it myself) with a drill and screws that come with the lights. solar light to use without deck postsThe nice feature of these lights is they are designed to work with or without decks posts. Our deck does not have posts, but these deck lights give the affect that we do. They also give all the right amount of light…not too bright, not too little, and not too blue tinted like other solar lights. We have received many compliments from our friends who have bought them after seeing ours.


Another great love from the Lists of Love!


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