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Ringly Smart Jewelry

I love this Ringly smart bracelet!

Do you ever want to be able to throw your phone in your bag or pocket, but still not miss those super VIP texts or phone calls?  Do you find it distracting leaving your phone on the table when you’re on a date with your husband, but need to know if the kids are ok?  Do you really want to wear a tacky, rubberized activity tracker everyday with every outfit?  I don’t.  First I don’t want anyone thinking I’m that into fitness.  And second, guy sitting next to me… I just read every text message that came across your activity tracker…and some were not nice.

Ladies…I have the solution for you!  Introducing the most amazing, and beautiful smart jewelry…Ringly.  Ringly makes gorgeous bracelets and rings that have just what you need…activity tracking, mobile alerts, and guided meditation without anyone knowing you are actually wearing an activity tracker/mobile alert device.  I LOVE technology…and I have never been more in love with a device more than I am in love with this bracelet.  I can honestly say it has changed my life thus far.  I can now go to my daughters karate and swim class and focus on her…without my phone glued to my hand *gasp*!  I can go to dinner and not place my phone on the table, wondering if the babysitter is ok or if she is texting me. *what?!*  AND I can track my steps and calories without anyone knowing I’m doing it because I’m wearing jewelry!! *shut the front door!*  

Yep….it’s true.  Technology has now met beauty.  I am not much of a ring person, so I chose a bracelet as my new love interest.  I pretty much only wear silver and I wanted something that would go with everything, so I landed on the Joyride Howlite bracelet.  I love blue, but felt like white was more versatile.  I mean, what if I’m not wearing blue?  *how dare she*

So here’s how it works (honestly this video does a great explanation, but if you prefer a short synopsis of words, I’ll try my best).  You can choose what apps you want to notify you via different vibrations.  Within those vibrations, you can choose who your most important contacts you want to hear from via lights.  You do have the option to be notified of EVERY text or phone call or whatever to come through, but I’m pretty sure you would lose your mind…”ok, 1 vibration and a green light is who now?”

For example, I only want to be notified if my husband, kids, kids schools, and best friend text/call me.  For me, a text is 2 vibrations and then each contact has their own light.  So if my husband texts me I get 2 vibrations and then a green light.  If he calls me, I get 4 vibrations and a green light.  Because I have multiple contacts for him, kids schools, home alarms, etc., I found it easiest to make each individual be a specific color.  For example, if my daughters school, school nurse, or teacher texts/calls me, they all come through as purple.  If my husbands cell or work text/call me, they come through as green.  If my sons’ daycare, which is multiple numbers, comes through it shows yellow.  If my home alarm, Nest, or Alexa contact me, it shows up blue.  The goal is to put your phone away, and only be notified of VIP texts/calls.

I never thought I would want an activity tracker, until now.  I love looking at my steps during the day and challenging myself to do more the next.  This snazzy little bracelet also notifies you when you’ve reached your step goal, which is the best feeling!  The company recently added a guided meditation section on the app that helps you take a few minutes to breathe.

Oh, and it’s soooooo comfortable.  I’m not a big jewelry person.  In fact, my wedding ring is typically the first thing I take off when I come home.  I can wear this all day and not notice anything on my wrist.  I will take my watch off and sometimes forget to take the bracelet off it’s that comfortable.  The stone is much smaller than I expected, which for me is perfect because it doesn’t get in the way.  And you charge it in a beautiful black jewelry case…you just set it in and kiss it goodnight….wait what?!  I mean put the lid down so the red charging light doesn’t bother you, and wait for the next day when you can put it back on again.

I could go on and on about this thing, because I am so in love with it.  Just trust me, you will love it.  It was the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time.

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2 Responses to Ringly Smart Jewelry

  1. Laura (Northbrook IL) says:

    I stumbled upon this website by accident looking for a unique piece of furniture. Rachel, you have practical soiutions to basic problems that all moms face. My husband makes fun of me for spending $4 on the kombucha, even though he knows how good it is for me. I started Rachel’s method and gave him a glass and he said “oh great, what did this cost $10?” I said “how about a few pennies, you jerk!!” Hahaha. Thanks Rachel, now my husband stops giving me crap and has even started drinking it himself.

  2. Abby - Greenwich CT says:

    This is perfect! Literally the other day I was showing my mother a video of my kids and my best friend texted me “is your mother still be being a pain in the a$$?” Umm awkward as she’s looking at the video. She never said anything, but the next hour of crankiness tells me she saw it. So I spent yesterday looking for a solution and bought the ringly jewelry piece. Great recommendation rachel.

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