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I love this patio furniture!

4 piece patio furniture setAs much as I love sitting on my deck with my solar deck lights, I knew I needed new, comfortable, inviting living room-type furniture to make the area complete. After looking at many websites and in numerous stores, I came to the conclusion that I could not afford that type of furniture. I couldn’t believe how expensive patio/outdoor furniture was! I was “sticker shocked” as they say. Bummed out as I was, I couldn’t believe when I found this 4-piece outdoor furniture set for only $400!! I was ecstatic and immediately ordered. It comes with a couch for two, two chairs, and a glass top table. I cannot tell you how much I love this furniture. It is comfortable, weather resistant, and the colors look great. If I know it’s going to rain, I bring the cushions into the garage (which is super easy), but if I’m not home to do so, they dry out very quickly. I also purchased this reversible 9′ X 12′ outdoor rug to complete the “outdoor living room” feel. Now we enjoy our deck as much as we enjoy our living room.

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