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Microfiber Sheets As Curtains

Sheets as curtainsI love these using microfiber sheets as curtains!

Our new house has beautiful 9 foot ceilings, which I quickly realized is very difficult to find inexpensive curtains to decorate with.  All the curtains that would cover from ceiling to floor costs hundreds of dollars.  After researching for hours, I figured out that sheets would be the perfect length.  I also learned that in order to avoid them looking cheap, hanging right, and avoiding wrinkles I had to use microfiber sheets.


The great thing about sheets is they are inexpensive and come in a huge variety of colors and designs.  You don’t have to feel guilty about changing your mind in a year.   The Queen size width was perfect for my single windows, and the King size was perfect for my wider windows.  The length is the same for both queen and king.   I also used them in my daughters room to match her bedding to her curtain.

To hang the curtain sheets, simply iron the flat sheet and cut a small hole on the ends of both sides of the top part of the sheet that is sewn together (the part that is up by your face in bed).  Slide your curtain rod through and hang.   The part of the sheet that typically is at the bottom of your bed should be near the floor.  I had to hem the length of my daughters curtain as she has typical 8 foot ceilings in her room.  I chose to hang hers on the curtain rod and therefore needed to cut holes and insert curtain grommets.  Dritz makes the cheapest and best curtain grommets in my opinion.

As far as the sheer curtain underneath, I used a super long voile.  I folded this in half and used curtain clips to hang from the curtain rod.  Because it was doubled over, it provided more privacy but still let light into the room.

The best part about using sheets as curtains is having the extra fitted sheet to decorate with.  If you are able to sew, cut the fitted sheet to use on a valence.

Also use the fitted sheets to make decorative throw pillows to match your curtains.

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