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Magnetic Reward Behavior Chart

I love this magnetic reward chart!

My daughter recently started karate and had to do chores at home. She was so excited to stay on top of things, but kept bugging me “Mom, what chores can I do…Can I dust…Can I clean…What can I clean…what are my chores…I have to do chores for karate….I…I…I…”. Ahhhhhhhhh!  We’ve always done some type of chores around the house, but nothing was written down. This magnetic chore reward chart helps keep everyone on the same page.  It’s designed for up to three kids, which is perfect for us.  I picked out a few other charts (this one,  this one, and this one) for three kids and had my daughter pick out the one that made sense to her. She chose this one and it’s been a godsend!

Most of the pre-typed chores did not fit our family, so I made my own. I have these Label Once erasable food labels that I trimmed down to size and wrote our own chores that fit. So far I have not needed to use the reward section…the kids are at the ages where they just like to get stars.  So I’ve been using the reward section for our own exercise goals.

There are plenty of stars and the entire board is magnetic. It can be stuck on a refrigerator, but for some reason the front of ours is not magnetic.  It comes with a string to hang from a hook, but I was worried about it swinging and all the stars falling off and then “waaaaah”.  I wasn’t taking any chances.  I used command strip picture hangers to firmly attach it to the wall.  It also comes with 4 erasable markers so if you’re worried about the stars for small children, you can color in the stars.

Now what to do with all these stars?  That would be the only downfall if you do not use the refrigerator to stick the chart on. Solution: a small cookie sheet attached to the wall with you guessed it….Command Strips.  Voila!  Now my daughter knows exactly what her chores are, can keep track of her progress, and harp on me if I didn’t get a star for exercising.

Another Great Love from the Lists of Love!

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