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Loose Leaf Tea Steeping Mug

I love this loose leaf steeping mug and travel steeper!

Steeping Mug Black with SteeperI have finally (and completely) made the switch from coffee to black tea. I feel so much better with no jitters or afternoon let downs. One thing that made the switch easier is having great steep ware to make my loose leaf tea. This 3-piece handcrafted porcelain steeping mug made the switch extremely easy and fun! It’s 16 ounces made of high quality, lead-free porcelain with a large volume infuser that allows room to steep all full leaf teas. The lid also doubles as a saucer for the infuser. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, making tea easily available at home on the stove or at work in a microwave. This beautiful steeping mug also comes in sky blue and other colors.


Now you may be wondering how to get this loose leaf tea to and from work. I’ve discovered that this 7 day medium sized pill box works perfectly for my weekly dose of tea. I like my tea strong, and if you fill each compartment up to the top with your loose leaf tea, you can get TWO 16oz cups each day from one compartment! It works perfectly. My advice for when you buy a pill box is to make sure the lids seal!! Otherwise you’ll end up with tea leaves inside your bag or whatever you are carrying them in. By having a 7 day pill box, it gives me 2 extra compartments for those days I may need more than 2 cups of tea a day.  At the end of the week, I simply take it home and refil for the next week.   As far as getting hot water to make my tea at work, I do not have a hot water bubbler at work, so I am left to bringing my own hot water or heating the water in the microwave (which I don’t like as I feel it gets colder quicker) at work. What works best for me is to set my coffee pot timer so my hot water is heated by the time I am ready to leave. I fill one stainless steal coffee mug with hot water and one thermos with hot water. When I get to work, I use the coffee mug hot water first as it doesn’t stay hot as long. I then use the thermos hot water for my afternoon cup. I cannot tell you how much better I feel drinking black tea and how much enjoyment I have gotten trying different flavors.
Of course for on the go, one serving loose leaf tea, I use this small pill keychain holder as it seals tight and is the right amount for TWO cups of hot tea or one cup if that’s all you need.

Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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