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Lift Top Coffee Table with drawer

I love this lift top coffee table!

We have owned this lift top coffee table for 5 years now and love it more with each use. No more hunching over to use the laptop, or sore backs when eating dinner in front of the TV. Just lift whatever you are doing to desk level with one finger! Our friends are always in awe when we lift it up because from looking at it, you would never suspect the top moved. We like to keep our wireless keyboard and mouse under the top. It’s also great because if we have the laptop, papers, or anything else out we don’t want our toddler to get into, we simply lift the top, move the table so the top is over the couch, and voila!…our toddler can’t reach, and we don’t have to…until she is able to climb on top of the couch by herself of course.



Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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