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Foldable Fly Bike Tricycle

I love this foldable Fly Bike tricycle!

indoor tricycleThis foldable tricycle is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Kids up to 40 lbs can use this speedy little bike.  My kids are currently ages 6, 3, and 1 and all three have their own bike they use to fly around the house.  We decided to keep these as indoor bikes, mainly because the wheels are a soft rubber like roller blade wheels that won’t scratch the floor.  Plus it is quiet, well… except on our tiled kitchen which is quite loud, but oh so fun!



This little compact foldable bike is perfect for travel, is easy to store, and is ideal for helping to build coordination and balance.  It is nearly impossible to flip so even my 1 year old is able to scoot around on it.  It currently comes in three colors (and yes I have all three): pink, blue, and red.  Of all the scooter/riding style toys we have, these are the best.  I have actually retired all the other indoor riding toys we have to the outside.

Another Great Love from the Lists of Love!

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