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Extra Long Baby Gate

I love this extra long baby gate!

Summer Infant Customized Baby GateWhen we purchased our new house, we knew the dining room would become a play room. The problem was the open concept of the dining room and the family room. The doorway was 12 feet across! Where would I find a baby gate to fit that width?? Lo and behold the problem solver…the Summer Infant Sure And Secure Custom Fit Gate. It expands up to 12 feet across, customizes to the twists, turns, and width of your room, and doesn’t have that “jail cell” because it has open mesh. Also, if you buy two baby gates, you can turn this gate into its own playroom. This gate can corner off an area of a room for safety, protect a stairway, or anything else you may need it for.  For even more extra wide baby gates, check out this mom blogger website devoted to wider baby gates.  Having a safe place to put your child when you need to dash into another room is a must have mommy item.


Another great love from the Lists of Love!


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