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Digitharbor Peephole Viewer Camera


I love this electronic peephole!

Working part-time and being at home by myself, often with small children, I do not like to answer the door.  Even though we have a “do not solicit” sign in our neighborhood, it does not seem to deter these unwanted doorbell rings.  This DigitHarbor 3.5 inch electronic digital peephole viewing camera was perfect for me.  We have a separate doorbell so I do not use the doorbell option on the camera, but you can if you do not have a doorbell.  It comes with 32 very nice chimes and songs that you are able to use for the doorbell function.  It also has a Do Not Disturb option so if you don’t want to wake the kiddos the chimes won’t ring.

The part I love is the camera.  If our doorbell rings or someone knocks, I simply press the ON button and can easily see who is at the door.  I can also take video and pictures of the person if needed, which has already come in handy.  You can also purchase an extra SD card to keep even more videos and pictures if necessary.  It has a nice 150 degree viewing angle so I can easily see anywhere the person is standing.  I can also see all the way across the street to the neighbors house if needed.

I am short and cannot typically see out a typical peephole.  It was very easy to drill a hole through my metal door to put the camera at the perfect height for me.  It comes with 2 different size screws so it can easily adjust to any door.  I also did not use the stickers for a permanent installation.  The pressure of the bolts are plenty fine to keep it in place.


It also works at night.  Even though I have a porch light, it has 4 infrared LEDs that light up the viewing area without the person knowing they are on.  It’s much like infrared night lighting you see on baby camera monitors.

Another great love from the Lists of Love!


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