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Couch Drink Organizer

I love this Cupsy Couch drink organizer!

Upon couch drink holdergetting new furniture, we desperately needed end tables and more importantly, safe places to put drinks.  Enter this cool Cupsy couch drink organizer!  This versatile little organizer is amazing and securely holds any type of drink, including wine glasses!!  Our couch is three recliners, so I was a little nervous when we reclined that the drinks would move and spill.  I can vouch that they do move, but with the recliners so no spillage.  I use the middle portion to hold my cell phone and TV remote.  Like the clip on couch arm end tables, this may be my most favorite recent purchase as it makes lounging even more comfortable than ever!




This drink organizer is extremely versatile with legs that attach in various ways.  You can attach this cup holder under the couch cushions if you choose to lay down.  It can sit on a bed and securely hold drinks.  It can function in the car as a backseat drink holder.  It can even go to the beach with you!

  Another Great Love from the Lists of Love!

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