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Corner TV Stand

High Corner TV StandI love this corner TV stand!

Finding a small, corner TV stand that is tall enough so you don’t feel like you are watching TV off the floor, but big enough to store your electronics inside is very difficult.  It seems most TV stands that are made today are 3 inches off the floor!  I don’t want to look down to watch TV.  After doing a lot of research, I quickly discovered they don’t make a lot of choices for a corner 32″ high TV stand.  Once I discovered this Sonoma corner TV stand, I instantly purchased, put together, and enjoyed! It is the perfect height for my 46″ flat screen TV…tall enough that I’m not looking up, but short enough that I can comfortably lay on the couch. It also has plenty of storage underneath to house my electronics and other equipment. For a childproofing tip, simply cut a piece of Plexiglas the size of the top opening and Velcro the sides on with black Velcro!

Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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