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Closet Doubler

I love this closet doubler!

If you are like me, there is never enough space in your closet. Though I would love to have a beautiful customized closet with a magical mirror that told me how beautiful I looked in every outfit, a place to store 500 pairs of shoes with a relaxation area to chill for when I’m overly exhausted from going through all my clothes…but I’m normal and don’t have those things. BUT, what I do have is a very inexpensive way to get more space from the closet you have.
As you may know, I hate wasted space…it drives me bonkers!! You know the space below all your short clothes, such as shirts, shorts, or short skirts, that is just wasted? Well this closet doubler can greatly help you with that. It is also great for organizing kids clothes, which tend to all be short. I especially like this particular closet doubler because you can customize the length that it hangs.

Though it’s not the million dollar closet we all want, it’s a start.

Another great love from the Lists of Love!


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