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Clip On Couch Arm Table

I love this clip on couch arm table!

clip on couch arm tableWe recently got new furniture and I knew the couch we wanted would be a snug fit, leaving no room for end tables.  I was nervous at first, but wanted the couch so much I knew I would find some way to squeeze tables and drink holders somewhere.  Lo and behold…. this clip on couch arm table fit the bill for serving my end table needs.

I cannot express how much I love these small end tables.   They are a perfect size, easily removable, sturdy, and look like they came with the couch.   The protective lip prevents items from falling off and the clamp is a strong, two spring-loaded hinged flap that is very sturdy.  If your couch arm is of a formed, hard material, this table will be perfect for drinks.  Since my couch arm is a bit on the mushy side, I was nervous to set a drink on it, which is why I also purchased these couch drink holder organizers.couch drink holder



The table comes in multiple colors and is made of a eco-friendly rubber wood material.  Our couches all recline and both the couch drink organizers and these snazzy little tables move with the couch, not spilling drinks or knocking anything on the table off.

Another Great Love from the Lists of Love!

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