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Childproof Adjustable Multi-Purpose Strap

I love this adjustable multi-purpose strap to childproof just about anything!

When you start the childproofing process in your home, it can be very overwhelming.  A lot of the time you don’t even realize something needs to be childproofed until your child shows you it needs to be! That’s why I love this Safety 1st adjustable multi-purpose strap as it can be used on just about anything.  This strap, which typically comes in a two or four pack, is an inexpensive way to protect many places in your home. I use it on my pantry doors, drawers, refrigerator and freezer, even my warming drawer on my oven (it required one on each side of the drawer).

They adjust to many lengths and are very secure. The best part is you they are pretty easy to remove without ruining your paint and can be reused by using 3M Scotch heavy duty mounting tape.  When we moved from a condo to a house, I had to remove all the straps and remounted them in the new house. On places that were painted, a little Goo Gone did the trick without having to repaint or patch. I have many of these unused around the house because you never know what your child will show you next that needs to be childproofed!

Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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