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Caboodles Make-Up Organizer

I love this Caboodles Black Train make-up organizer!

Caboodles train make-up organizerWhen we moved into our new house, the cabinets in our bathroom had zero organization. They were simply just large cabinets…that’s it. So after purchasing some two-tiered sliding cabinet organizers, I needed a way to organize my make-up.   After doing some research online, I discovered this Caboodles 13″ black ultimate organizer and purchased. Wow! Was I surprised at how much this could hold, organize, and still look stylish. It has three tiered trays on both sides that extend outwards so you can get to the bottom, which holds larger items such as brushes, combs, etc. It folds up into a perfect square and even came with keys so I could lock it for when I travel. What a great find! It also comes in cool color combinations, but personally, I preferred the slick look of the black.

Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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