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Brylane Pop Up Christmas Tree

I love this pop up Christmas tree!

This Brylanehome flat-to-fabulous pop up Christmas tree has changed my life!  Growing up, my family was allergic to real Christmas trees so I got used to “putting up” the fake one.  Though I love the fake tree, it is a pain in the butt to store, carry upstairs, put together, decorate, and take down.  I got so tired of it I didn’t put it up for 2 years!!  What a shame.

Last year my family rented a condo in South Carolina and I couldn’t stand the thought of my kids not having a Christmas tree.  I did my research, ordered, and fell in love with this pop-up tree.  It’s so convenient I was able to take it to South Carolina in the car!!!  (I actually gave my 3-piece fake tree away because the pop-up tree is sooooo much easier).

I got the red and gold 6 foot tree, though with the high ceilings in our house I may order the 7-1/2 foot tree soon.  It comes fully decorated and lit with soft yellow lights.  The bows, ribbon, and ornaments are attached tightly to the tree with wires so no need to worry about small children or animals knocking anything off.  Being a Do-It-Yourselfer, I figured if I got tired of the colors and ornaments, I could easily change them to something else.  Keep in mind you can always put your own ornaments on this tree too.  It’s the pop-up feature that makes it so unique.  I keep it stored in the flat box it came in, but you can buy a nice tree bag.


When it comes time for Christmas, don’t dread putting up the tree! Simply pull your tree out of a box, fluff the bows, plug it in, and voila! CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Rita Keefner says:

    how much is the 6 ft pop up tree and the 71/2 ft tree? How do you go about ordering one also.

    • Rachel says:

      I’m sorry…it looks like the link is no longer offered on Amazon. If you use the Amazon search engine on my website and search for “popup Christmas tree”, there are other companies to choose from. Thank you and I hope you order one as I LOVe mine!

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