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Boot and Storage Tray

I love this boot and storage tray!

If you live in an area where it rains or snows, you know you have a problem with where to store those icky wet boots once you come into the house. This boot and storage tray does the trick for holding all the water, sludge, snow, or whatever else is on your boots. It’s 1 inch lip holds water, mud, even pet food bowls for neater, cleaner floors. You can also purchase a corner boot tray if that fits your entryway better. If you want a more designer look than the traditional black tray, try this extra weave antique bronze finished metal boot tray, which is lifted off the floor by beautiful feet. Whichever one you purchase, they will help with the dirt and grime entering your house during boot season.


Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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