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Ball Pit with Slide

I love this ball pit and slide gym!

Years ago I found this 3 in 1 gym set on Craigslist for my first child.  It was the best money I have ever spent on a toy for inside the house.  It is small enough for little kids, but big enough to still be fun even for my 5 year old.  The steps are a good size for little ones to practice climbing.  The slide is perfect in that they can’t really get hurt but it’s still fun for all ages.

The ball pit is the real thriller for the kids who love to jump in it and “swim”.  I was lucky that the seller I bought it from gave me 350 balls to fill up the pit, which is about what you need for it to be safe and fun.  You can find ball pit balls here or do your own search on Craigslist.  It seems people are always selling large batches of them.

The tubing that locks all the pieces together is safe and very sturdy.  I have it in our play room for inside play and it is a perfect size.  Because my oldest jumps so high off the top stop, I have put noodles on the tubing surrounding the ball pit.  I simply cut a slice down the noodles, wrapped them around the tubing, and secured it with packing tape.  Your kids will LOVE this in home gym set!


Another great love from the Lists of Love!

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