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For many years, I’ve thought about making a website, but could never decide exactly what to make it about.  It seemed all the ideasIdeas all gone of the world were taken, all the websites I wanted to create were there, and the clever website names gone as well.  I studied and read and researched other peoples sites, seeing their niche ideas and asking myself why couldn’t I find my own niche.  At times it would become so overwhelming I would quit, tuck away my research and books, and not think about it for a while.  But, just like anything you really wish you could do, the itch came back and my website fever was scratching.

Years before this, I started listening to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and a few years after that I listened to The Power also by Rhonda Byrne.  Though these great teachings are not the website idea I had been looking for, they gave me courage to finally take the plunge, buy a site, and see what I could do with it.woman list

One of the ideas these books speak about is making lists of things you love about life.  It could be anything from your clothes, to your hair, your spouse, kids, musical talent, organizational skills, house you live in…whatever!  As I kept making these lists of what I love, hoping for a niche inspiration for a website, I finally decided to make a website about what else…..the things I love!

Though I know this site is not the most fabulous, creative, put together, niche website I had been teacherhoping for, it’s a start.  And that’s what matters.  Being a Special Education Teacher, I know from years of experience that everyone has to start somewhere, no matter how small, or how little information you may know about something, everyone must take a plunge, dive in, and learn.

So welcome to my website that I put off for years.  I hope you love all the multifunctional furniture and organizational ideas as much as I do.  This website has been a blast creating!   I have so much fun searching for new ways to organize.  I feel like I’m shopping but not actually buying (though many times I do).  I hope some of the items I write about you will love as much as I do.  Thank you for visiting and have a great day!

May your Lists of Love grow,


2 Responses to About Me…

  1. Ryan says:

    Living in the city, so much of this I could use in my small space. Thanks

  2. Rachel says:

    You’re welcome! Enjoy shopping!

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